MikroTik RouterOS 6.40.3 Level 6 for VMware


MikroTik RouterOS 6.40.1 Level 6 for VMware

What’s new in 6.40.1 (2017-Aug-03):

*) bonding – improved reliability on bonding interface removal;
*) chr – fixed false warnings on upgrade reboots;
*) dhcpv6-client – do not run DHCPv6 client when IPv6 package is disabled;
*) export – fixed export for different parameters where numerical range or constant string is expected;
*) firewall – properly remove “address-list” entry after timeout ends;
*) interface – improved interface state change handling when multiple interfaces are affected at the same time;
*) lte – fixed LTE not passing any traffic while in running state;
*) ovpn-client – fixed incorrect netmask usage for pushed routes (introduced in 6.40);
*) pppoe-client – fixed incorrectly formed PADT packet;
*) rb2011 – fixed possible LCD blinking along with ethernet LED (introduced in 6.40);
*) rb922 – restored missing wireless interface on some boards;
*) torch – fixed Torch on PPP tunnels (introduced in 6.40);
*) trafficgen – fixed “lost-ratio” showing incorrect statistics after multiple sequences;
*) winbox – added “none-dynamic” and “none-static” options for “address-list-timeout” parameter under NAT, Mangle and RAW rules;

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