Aloof RDP Server 8.7

Aloof RDP Server

Aloof RDP Server 8.7 | 22.2 Mb

Aloof RDP Server is a complete solution to manage sharing of your server resources among remote users without compromising the security and performance of your server. 

Multiple Sessions are allowed by Aloof RDP Server and allows users to login simultaneously on server and provides faster access to remote applications even on slow networks like mobile internet.

Aloof RDP consists modern and powerful printing engine which provides hassle free printing on client on any type of printer with an option to select printer of your choice apart from default printer.

Here is the list of salient features of Aloof RDP:

Connect to your remote server faster.
Access your remote applications with no time lag.
Faster remote access even on slow internet connections.
Use your mobile internet to access remote server/apps.
Various color schemes for optimized rendering.
Various performance improvement options.
Data compression for better performance.

Data encryption for better security.
Application level access to end user.
User and Group level configuration.
Server disk drive protection. Server disks are not visible and accessible to end user.
No access to Windows desktop and start menu.
Clears the history from client machine on exit.
Protective Mode login for better security.
Client machine and time binding.

Laser, Thermal and Dot Matrix printing.
Fast and secure printing on client.
Client printer selection. Specify on which client printer the printout will come. By default printing will happen on default printer on client.
Both client side and server side printing facility.
Print document archival.

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