Cisco Secure Access Control Server 5.8.1

Cisco Secure Access Control Server


Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS) v5.8.1.4

ACS is a policy-driven access control system and an integration point for network access control and identity management.

The ACS 5.8 software runs on a dedicated Cisco SNS-3495 appliance, on a Cisco SNS-3415 appliance, on a Cisco 1121 Secure Access Control System (CSACS-1121) or on a VMware server. ACS 5.8 ships on Cisco SNS-3495 and Cisco SNS-3415 appliances. However, ACS 5.8 continues to support CSACS-1121 appliance. For more information on upgrade paths, see Upgrading Cisco Secure ACS Software.

Secure Access Control System, a core component of the Cisco TrustSec® solution, is a highly sophisticated policy platform providing RADIUS and TACACS+ services. It supports the increasingly complex policies needed to meet today's demands for access control management and compliance. It manages access policies for device administration and for wireless, wired IEEE 802.1X, and remote (VPN) network access scenarios.
Cisco® Secure Access Control System ties together an enterprise’s network access policy and identity strategy. It is the world’s most trusted policy-based platform for enterprise access and network device administration control, deployed by about 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

Organizations rely on enterprise networks to perform daily job routines. With the increasing number of methods available to access those networks, security breaches and uncontrolled user access are primary concerns. Network security officers and administrators need solutions that support flexible authentication and authorization policies that are tied not only to a user’s identity but also to context such as the network access type, time of day the access is requested, and the security of the machine used to access the network. Further, there is a stronger need to effectively audit the use of network devices, monitor the activities of device administrators for corporate compliance, and provide broader visibility and control over device-access policies across the network.

Secure Access Control System is a highly scalable, high-performance access policy system that centralizes device administration, authentication, and user-access policy while reducing the management and support burden for these functions.

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