DameWare Remote Support 12.1

 DameWare Remote Support

New features and improvements in DRS 12.1

SolarWinds DameWare Remote Support is an affordable and easy-to-use remote support software that simplifies and accelerates remote IT administration tasks for IT admins and support technicians. DameWare Remote Support includes the built-in DameWare Mini Remote Control for gaining remote access to Windows®, Linux® and Mac OS® X systems. DameWare is a trusted, award-winning brand used by over 60,000 organizations worldwide. 

  • DRS 12.1 is includes support for TLS 1.2.
  • The user interface has been updated for this Dameware release.

Fixed issues in DRS 12.1

  • Reflects a change in the way MRC makes connections to Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 and later versions, as well as Microsoft Windows 8.1 and later versions. The quality of the connection with a redesigned mirror driver (Windows 10), the quality of the connection in MRC is improved.
  • Contains updated notification window information.
  • The issue in which the MRC agent could be caused to crash has been resolved.
  • The issue that occurred when the Microsoft Windows 10 framerate was no longer responsive has been resolved.
  • The Central Server installation no longer displays unexpected warnings.

End of Life Policy

In order to drive innovation and new functionality into our products, SolarWinds must transition customers from legacy versions of software to current versions. Please review the following support schedule:

  • 8/16/2017: End-of-Life announcement (EoL) – Customers on Windows XP or Windows Vista should start migrating to newer operating systems. SolarWinds will no longer support Windows XP and Windows Vista in the next Dameware release.
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