Digifort Enterprise



Digifort Enterprise:

The Enterprise version is the package that comprises all the features available for the Digifort System, providing full management for unlimited cameras and alarm devices, being ideal for any company that wants total control over their security project , ensuring high performance, reliability and reliability. Scalability.

The Digifort Enterprise allows the use of various models of IP cameras and video servers from different manufacturers ( Check here the list of cameras supported by the system), thus making possible the choice of hardware which best meets customer needs.

The Enterprise version is designed to preserve customer investment while retaining all the features of previous releases coupled with new and unique features as well as providing greater scalability for future expansions with no limitation of software features.

Digifort Enterprise is recommended for medium and large users and those who need a monitoring system with unlimited tools and features and high technology, which may include alarm, access control and automation solutions.

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