EnterpriseDT CompleteFTP 10.2 Enterprise Edition



CompleteFTP server features FTP, SFTP, FTPS & SCP support

Our customer surveys show that CompleteFTP’s rich functionality is one of the primary reasons people choose CompleteFTP server over competitor products. Key features are outlined below.

Please note that CompleteFTP comes in four editions, and only the Enterprise Edition has all features. You can find a comparison matrix of features vs editions here.

  • SFTP & SCP
  • FTP & FTPS
  • SSH terminal logins
  • SSH forwarding
  • File-sharing (via CompleteBox client application)
  • Protocol-translating proxy (e.g. SFTP front-end to legacy FTP server)
  • Unlimited Windows and non-Windows users in all editions
  • Automatic Windows users (AD users)
  • Authentication via an external database
  • Authenticators via custom .NET extensions
  • Authenticate via other FTP/SFTP server (i.e. multi-protocol gateway)
  • Disk quotas and bandwidth limits
  • Virtual file systems
  • File system permissions
  • Mount remote file-systems via FTP/SFTP (i.e. multi-protocol gateway)
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