Device Monitoring Studio Server

is a software solution which allows you to monitor, log and analyze data from unlimited number of USB devices and serial ports connected to any number of remote computers.

Device Monitoring Studio Server may share and broadcast USB devices and Serial ports data flow to any number of client PCs using LAN or even Internet. It allows remote testing, logging, analyzing and debugging of USB and Serial devices connected to the remote PC by multiple developers simultaneously.

Using DMS Server you'll be able to view, store and analyze data flows coming to and out of remote computer on multiple client workstations at the same time. It allows you to work with device connected to remote computer on the other side of the world from different places and even more…

Using DMS Server installed on remote PC unlimited number of teammates may view, record, play back and analyze data exchange of remote software applications and hardware devices from any place in the world!

Extreme performance and unintrusive application design makes it useful for real-time data processing applications. DMS Server operates as a Windows service, so it may be used as background application in high loaded systems without afecting it's performance and user experience.

Just install Device Monitoring Studio Server on PC you want to monitor it's USB and Serial connections, install Device Monitoring Studio on a client PC, connect it to the server using LAN or Internet and then:

  • Monitor all or custom data from remote PC using advanced filtering
  • Log USB and Serial data from remote PC and play it back later
  • Store raw data from remote PCs on local PC for analyzing it later
  • Analyze low level data and contents of each protocol packet using custom protocol parser
  • Remotely view complete statistics and charts for USB and Serial port usage on server PC

DMS Server allows you to monitor remote:

Serial Devices
Diagnostic equipment, Fax-Modems, mini-ATS, Controlling and measuring equipment (oscillographs, manometers, sensors…), Mice, Digital Cams, Network equipment, NPort servers, Serial device servers, Wireless LAN equipment, Multiplexers, Routers, Switches, Hubs, MIDI-serial devices, barcode readers, RS-232 to RS-422/485 converters, Multiport Serial Boards, Network-enable serial devices, Serial to fiber converters, Entertaining equipment, Serial device controllers, HVAC, door entry systems, Card readers, bar code readers, Tablets, Cash registers…
USB Devices
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