Kerio Control Build 9.2.5 Patch4

Kerio Control

Next-Generation Firewall, Router and Leading-Edge IPS

Kerio Control Preserve the integrity of your servers with deep packet inspection and advanced network routing capabilities — including simultaneous IPv4 and IPv6 support. Create inbound and outbound traffic policies, restricting communication by specific URL, application, traffic type, content category and time of day.

Kerio Control’s IPS adds a transparent layer of network protection, with Snort-based behavior analysis, and a regularly updated database of rules and blacklisted IP addresses from Emerging Threats.

Fix in Kerio Control Build 9.2.5 Patch4

– Fixed: Crash when multiple pages denied occur while first deny is delayed
– Fixed: Crash when internal page requests using same “lang” parameter
– Fixed: UPnP not listening on all interfaces

Fix in Kerio Control Build 9.2.5 Patch3

Fixed: NTLM Authentication issue
Fixed: Crash every hour when sending email for invalid user after antivirus scanning
Fixed: 2 Step Authentication issue
Fixed: Recompilation of WIFI driver with different flags for more compatibility
Fixed: Crash when SNAT missing target interfacce

Kerio Control 9.2.5 Release History

+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
– Bug fixed
! Known issue / missing feature

Version 9.2.5

* Removal of PHP server-side scripting from Web Interface
* Upgrade of strongSwan 5.5.1
* Improved starting/stopping of VPN Client on Debian 8
* VPN Client now supports macOS High Sierra
– Fixed: Translation issues
– Fixed: User preferences automatic language set to detected language
– Fixed: Installation of VPN Client fails on Windows 7, 8
– Fixed: The WiFi driver has been updated for better compatibility and stability
– Fixed: Dashboard Traffic Chart Tile does not show relevant units
– Fixed: Changing description for multiple users changes only those who have separate configuration
– Fixed: Empty exclusions for connection limit corrupts config
– Fixed: View Guest users in Kerio Control Statistics opens stats of “Not logged in” user
– Fixed: WebAdmin error during configuration import
– Fixed: Install CA screenshots are from old FireFox
– Fixed: Menu bar icon not optimized for Mac with retina
– Fixed: Remote Services: Data are not reloaded when changes are discarded on screen reload
– Fixed: Bandwidth management traffic dialog: wrong info text
– Fixed: Crash in ThreadCpuTime, when gdata.start_error = 1
– Fixed: assert in DhcpLeaseTab::save()
– Fixed: W10 Edge cannot login and access web interface if IPv6 is enabled
– Fixed: missing limiter of AV check failed alert
– Fixed: Russian Business Network blacklist is missing in IPS update
– Fixed: Remove unsecure DES-CBC3-SHA from cipherlist
– Fixed: Wi-Fi should be WiFi (legal requirement)
– Fixed: Kerio VPN tunnels are using local networks defined in IPsec section (as Remote networks)
– Fixed: Exported cfg. backup is corrupted
– Fixed: Sending notifications from Kerio Control – InCorrect Format of notification
– Fixed: On Groups page, “Rights” column is not sorted in correct order

How to enable / disable SSH on Kerio Control Software Appliance 9.2.5:
Shift + “System Status” (the command is executed in the “Control Panel”, to “State” -> “System Status” -> “Enable SSH”)

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