kerio Operator 2.5.2 Build 6404


kerio Operator Installer 2.5.2 Build 6404

Year: 2016
Version: 2.5.2 Build 6404
Developer: Kerio Technologies
Developer website:
System Requirements: Minimum Hardware Intel Celeron 1 GHz or equivalent 512 MB RAM 8 GB hard drive Ethernet card
Recommended Hardware Intel Core Duo 2 GHz or equivalent 2 GB of memory 16+ GB hard drive Ethernet card
Architecture: x86
Language: Multilingual
Description: Telephone, enterprise-class system without the complexity inherent in these systems. Kerio Operator is a system based on VoIP standards, replacing the traditional PBX. Designed specifically for small and medium-sized companies, this system helps save time and money on administration, while at the same time offering users great opportunities.
You get advanced processing and call routing functions, usually available only in expensive telephone systems, including:
• Auto Attendant.
• Queue calls.
• Conference Call.
• Divert interception, parking, and call recording.

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