Magnet IEF 6.18

Magnet IEF

Magnet IEF 6.18

MAGNET IEF TM is used by thousands of forensics professionals around the world to find, analyze and report on the digital evidence from computers, smartphones and tablets.

Magnet IEF can recover evidence from a variety of data sources, and integrate them into a single Magnet IEF case file. Build an integrated and comprehensive view of a person’s digital activities regardless of device type or operating system.

Magnet IEF empowers investigators to find, Analyze and report more potential evidence than ever before. An individual’s digital activities are often spread across a variety of computers, smartphones and tablets. The goal of a digital forensics examination is to understand all of these activities, and not to simply analyze the data on a computer or mobile device. Tracking a person’s activity on Facebook? The evidence on their computer might not provide the full picture if they also used the Facebook app on a smartphone.



MAGNET IEF’s powerful search capability recovers evidence from hundreds of types of digital forensic artifacts. Find evidence that you didn’t know was there and that can’t be recovered by other tools.

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