ManageEngine OpManager 12.3

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We thank you for installing ManageEngine OpManager an easy to install, easy-to-use, affordable network and server monitoring software.

New Features

DPI Monitoring

Inspect packets to know network response time (NRT) and application response time (ART) to find out what is causing the latency issue. Also identify top bandwidth consumers by source, destination, and conversations. This feature is available as an add-on.

39K Vendor Templates

OpManager now includes vendor templates to identify and classify devices based on their vendor type and category in order to avoid devices getting added as ‘unknown’.

Importing devices templates in NCM through XML

Now import devices templates in NCM module through an XML file.

Firewall log management module now supports more vendors

Support for TrendMicro IWSVA 6.5, PaloAlto VPN logs, FortiGate management logs, SRX Management logs, and SonicWall_IpSec VPN logs has been included in the firewall log management module.

Consolidated Features

Add-ons for integrated network management

OpManager Essential and Enterprise edtions now include add-ons for managing bandwidth, configurations, firewall logs, IP addresses and switch ports. All these add-ons can be enabled by license and doesn’t need any additional installation.

Fluidic v2 web client

New web client to access all the data at one screen. Improved dashboards and snapshot pages show all performance monitoring and management data for quick decision making and troubleshooting.

Highly Scalable

OpManager Essential and Enterprise editions can now scale upto 5K devices from a single server.

Scheduled Discovery

Automatically discover the newly added devices in the network with Scheduled Discovery. You can not only schedule, but create multiple profiles and choose the Discovery Rules that should apply to the devices and select the interfaces that you wish to discover.

Migration Tool

If you are using any competing products of OpManager, you can import the configuration data from them using the migration tool.

Xen Server Monitoring

OpManager now monitors Citrix Xen Servers via XenServer APIs for performance. Provides a map of the host-VM relationship.

Aisles, Walls & Paths in 3D Data Center Builder

Options to add aisles, walls and walk paths in 3D floor views has been added newly in OpManager v11.6.

VLAN Discovery

Now discover VLANs from the Switch snapshot page and monitor all the interfaces in the VLAN for bandwidth and utilization.

Migration from Enterprise Edition to LEE

OpManager now supports to migrate your configuration and performance data from Enterprise Edition to Large Enterprise Edition.

Auto Upgrade

Now you can upgrade your OpManager setup to the latest version automatically with the new Auto Upgrade feature. This feature check for the latest ppm release by ManageEngine for OpManager and automatically downloads it and applies it on your OpManager setup at preconfigured time.

Custom Dials

You can now create performance dials for monitors that you wish and have them on the snapshot page. All you need to do is enable the “show dial” option for the corresponding monitor in device template.

Exchange 2013 Monitoring

Support for monitoring the performance of Exchange 2013 environment is newly added.

UCS Monitoring

Leveraging Cisco UCS XML API, UCS Monitoring add-on helps you to monitor all the Cisco UCSes and its components, in your data center. The UCS monitor includes a 2D relationship map that helps you to visualize the relationship among the hosts, clusters, and VMs present in the UCS.

Network Mapping Enhancements

Some of the exciting enhancements that are newly added to network mapping are

  • LLDP Support – Helps in enhancing automatic network discovery in multivendor networks
  • Multiple Subnet Range support – Lets you to add multiple subnet ranges. This helps you to choose the desired network range and map them together
  • Some of the other enhancements that are newly included in Fluidic webclient are :
    • SNMP V3 support
    • Option to change Layout
    • Export to visio
    • Multiple Parent support
    • Options to Edit, Update and Delete a network map
    • Support for L2 Switch as Seed device

Hardware monitoring support is now available for the Domain Controller category

New API driven user interface

OpManager now includes the highly productive, faster and API driven user interface by default. The new web client will be the default UI for new installations. However, the existing customers can use the same old client and switch to the new UI anytime. This new user interface also comes with number of intuitive keyboard shortcuts such as clearing an alarm using the ALT+C combination and many more.

Group chat:

OpManager now includes group chat feature that provides a cascading, Facebook-like wall for threaded discussions enabling real-time collaboration/communication between IT staffers.

Event flood handling:

OpManager can now be configured to detect event floods and anomalous event rates with predefined rules, and to perform remedial actions. To know more about OpManager’s event handling functionality, visit the help guide.

Monitoring of Windows 2012 R2 Server & Hyper-V in 2012 R2:

OpManager now extends its monitoring capability by supporting Windows 2012 R2 servers and the Hyper-V in it.

Enhanced Discovery Engine

With the new enhanced discovery engine in OpManager, you can now discover up to 20,000 devices in 5 minutes & 1 million interfaces in 1 hour. This helps to reduce the time spent on discovering your complete IT infrastructure from days to just few minutes.


HeatMaps in OpManager helps to visualize your entire network health in real-time from a single page. It uses color codes to communicate the severity of the monitored devices. HeatMap view can be accessed from the inventory section.


OpManager HeatMap View


Live popup notifications

Now with the help of popup notifications, you get to know what’s happening in your network in real-time. These notifications pops up at the bottom of the screen instantly alerting you about the alarms raised. This keeps you up-to-date on all the alerts generated in OpManager and limits the impact of failures on network performance.


Live Popup Notifications


Support for iPad App

The new OpManager iPad app helps you to stay connected with your network on the move. It offers you a quick look at the availability and performance of your IT, customizable dashboards to suit your business needs and troubleshooting tools to resolve network glitches from anywhere. Learn More

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