nProbe 7.5.170507

nProbe 7.5.170507 | 26.7 MB

In commercial environments, NetFlow is probably the de-facto standard for network traffic accounting. nProbe includes both a NetFlow v5/v9/IPFIX probe and collector that can be used to play with NetFlow flows. This means nProbe™ can be used:
To collect and export NetFlow flows generated by border gateways/switches/routers or any other device that can export in NetFlow v5/v9
As a drop-in replacement of embedded, low-speed, NetFlow probes that may already been deployed
To analyze multi-Gbit networks at full speed with no (or very moderate) packet loss
To send monitored flows towards a collector such as the open-source ntopng or a commercial one (e.g. Cisco NetFlow Collector or Plixer)

Currently nProbe™ is a software application available stand-alone or as an embedded system named nBox .

Main nProbe™ Features
Available for Linux, Windows, and embedded environments ARM and MIPS/MIPSEL.
Layer-7 application visibility (250+ applications including Skype, BitTorrent and Citrix).
Layer-7 application propagation in exported flows to enable accurate accounting.
NetFlow v5/v9/IPFIX support for efficient flow handling.

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