OpenStack in Action

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In the cloud computing model, a cluster of physical computers hosts an environment that provides shared services and offers the flexibility to easily add, remove, and expand virtual servers and applications. Cloud options range from public services, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, to private clouds that host applications and infrastructure for a single organization. OpenStack is an open source framework you can install on your own physical servers to create a private or public cloud platform. OpenStack clouds enable you to build custom infrastructure (IaaS), platform (PaaS), and software (SaaS) services without the high cost and vendor lock-in associated with proprietary cloud platforms.

OpenStack in Action offers the real world use cases and step-by-step instruction you can take to develop your own cloud platform from from inception to deployment. This book guides you through the design of both the physical hardware cluster and the infrastructure services you'll need to create a custom cloud platform. You'll learn how to select and set up virtual and physical servers, how to implement software-defined networking, and the myriad other technical details required to design, deploy, and operate an OpenStack cloud in your enterprise. You'll also learn the cloud operation techniques you'll need to establish security practices, access control, efficient scalability, and day-to-day DevOps practices.

Because cloud computing can be a disruptive technology that affects all areas of a business, you'll also learn convincing operational arguments for private cloud construction within central IT organizations, along with the architectural and financial models to support them. Finally, you'll learn how you can create a cloud that offers user-facing software or infrastructure services.


  • Learn to develop and deploy enterprise private cloud
  • Learn OpenStack software defined networking
  • OpenStack orchestration with Heat and Juju
  • Understand cloud production sizing, pricing, and deployment
  • Navigate the organizational impact of self-service cloud computing

The book is perfect for infrastructure specialists, engineers, architects, and support personnel. No prior experience with OpenStack or cloud development required.


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