RDS-Tools Server Genius 3.7

RDS-Tools Server Genius


Server Genius

Server Genius is an integrated monitoring solution: our server monitoring tool simultaneously monitors your RDS Servers (processors, memory, performance, traffic…) as well as Websites and Remote Sessions!

Virtual and physical monitored servers ARE THE BEATING HEART of your whole business. With unified monitoring, all the information you need to improve your network is centralized. Detect issues with real-time alerts.

Server Genius helps you optimizing your production and saves you time and money: deep server monitors and server metrics show you exactly where the problem is, regardless if it’s at the server, network, or application level. Manage more with fewer resources and ensure the highest level of availability for your servers and network devices 24/7.

Server Genius Simplifies Network Monitoring

Server Genius gathers all your servers and applications key performance data in one single place so you can manage your network infrastructure accordingly. 

Plus, it is easy to install, use and maintain. All you need is a web browser!

  • 30 seconds setup Guarantee.
  • No complex reports designer.
  • No long days required to setup complex reports.
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