Solarwinds ORION Platform 2017.3

Solarwinds NPM


Solarwinds ORION Platform 2017.3

NPM (Solarwinds Orion Network Performance Monitor) 12.2

NCM (Solarwinds Orion Network Configuration Manager) 7.7

NTA (Solarwinds Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer) 4.2.3

SRM (Solarwinds Orion Storage Resource Monitor) 6.5.0

UDT (Solarwinds Orion User Device Tracker) 3.3

VIM (Solarwinds Orion Virtual Infrastructure Monitor) 8.0.0



SolarWinds NPM 12.2 gives you a deeper insight into your Cisco ASA firewalls, VPN tunnels and visibility for troubleshooting tunnels with issues. Use the new installer to install and upgrade one or more Orion Platform products simultaneously. Enjoy the simplified and streamlined  customization of dashboards and views. Secure the connection between your Orion server and SQL server. Distribute High Availability pool members to different subnets for automated failover to a secondary server, and correlate disparate data points across your infrastructure with PerfStack. And much more!

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