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Splunk Enterprise 7.0.2

What’s so appealing about Splunk Enterprise 7.0? To set the stage, we’ve categorized the product capabilities into three areas.

  • Monitor: Splunk Enterprise 7.0 helps you get home early. Everything you love about Splunk—indexing, alerting, and visualizing your machine data in real-time—you can do all of this faster and more efficiently with new or upgraded features of Splunk Enterprise including native support for Metrics, which are sets of numerical, time series data used to track a particular process or activity (commonly produced by systems, CPU, memory, and disks), web tracking scripts (Google Analytics), and IoT devices (temperature readings), and faster data model acceleration.

  • Investigate: Splunk Enterprise 7.0 is the ideal solution for the investigator in your organization. You can discover rich insights, the hardest to find clues from any machine data—structured, semi-structured or unstructured. Surface more visual insights with new features including Event Annotation, and new chart enhancements, as well as self-service app management.

  • Build Intelligence: Splunk Enterprise 7.0 helps bring machine learning to the masses. You can analyze, act on, and even predict future outcomes from your machine data. Advancements in the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit, including an improved API, role-based access controls for machine learning models, and new out-of-the-box algorithms.

This new release marks “the end of meh-trics,” and delivers advancements in machine learning, as well as massive speed and scale improvements for analytics, monitoring and alerting. Let’s dive into these features in more detail.

More specifically, we'll go over the following:

  1. Metrics – which are sets of numerical, time series data are now treated as a first class data type bringing massive performance improvements such as up to 200x faster queries
  2. Event Annotation seamlessly unifies logs and metrics by overlaying multiple searches in a single time chart or graph
  3. Chart Enhancements expand the selection of visual styles and chart options geared toward improving the visualization of metrics and mult-series monitoring use cases
  4. Faster Data Model Acceleration through core search technology tweaks
  5. Self-Service App Management in the cloud has been updated to allow the installation of your organization’s own internal apps
  6. The latest Machine Learning Toolkit improves extensibility, scalability and ease of use through several new enhancements

Be sure to download the Splunk Enterprise 7.0 Overview App for examples of how to not only use these new features, but to learn about other features not mentioned in this post.

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