Titan FTP Server Enterprise 2019 Build 3505

Titan FTP Server EnterpriseTitan FTP Server Enterprise 2019

Titan FTP Server provides the most secure transfers in the industry, events to thwart hackers, and intelligent passwords. With over 20,000 servers installed worldwide, Titan is the SFTP Server you can trust.

Titan FTP Server offers a rich feature set that provides you with granular configuration controls, easy administration, and detailed logging and reporting. Titan also offers event triggers that can automate transfers, thwart hackers and notify server admins of activities and events on the server.

Configuration and Management

 Server configurations can be inherited or customized at the server, group, and user levels making it quicker to configure settings that will be the same for all users.

 Remote Administration (Enterprise Edition Only)

  • Configurable from any computer with Internet access.
  • Remote Administration UI is identical to the Local Administration UI.
  • Use Windows NT/SAM Authentication (Enterprise Edition Only)
  • Dynamically accesses user and group account information from your Windows NT Domain
  • Changes made to the Windows NT User/Group information can be immediately available in the Titan server.

Custom Authentication

User-friendly wizards simplify user and group creation.

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