VMware NSX Vsphere 6.4.2

VMware NSX Vsphere


VMware NSX For VSphere 6.4.2

VMware NSX Vsphere is the network virtualization platform for the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), which is a completely non-disruptive solution as it reproduces the entire networking infrastructure in software which includes L2-L7 network services. NSX allows virtual networks to connect to physical networks by maintaining fine-grained security as per virtual NIC.


VMware NSX Data Center delivers consistent, automatable network security to workloads no matter where they live — from the data center, to the cloud, to the edge. With NSX Data Center, network security policies can be defined based on application contexts and enforced on every individual workload, without the need to touch the physical network.

Multi-Cloud Networking

Create a unified, seamless, and resilient pool of networking and security infrastructure to run applications distributed across multiple data centers and the public cloud. Completely synchronize network and security configuration to a DR site, without the need for manual reconfiguration and tools and scripts to synchronize configuration across sites.

Logical Switches

A cloud deployment or a virtual data center has a variety of applications across multiple tenants. These applications and tenants require isolation from each other for security, fault isolation, and avoiding overlapping IP addressing issues. The NSX logical switch creates logical broadcast domains or segments to which an application or tenant virtual machine can be logically wired. This allows for flexibility and speed of deployment while still providing all the characteristics of a physical network's broadcast domains (VLANs) without physical Layer 2 sprawl or spanning tree issues.

A logical switch is distributed and can span arbitrarily large compute clusters. This allows for virtual machine mobility (vMotion) within the datacenter without limitations of the physical Layer 2 (VLAN) boundary. The physical infrastructure does not have to deal with MAC/FIB table limits since the logical switch contains the broadcast domain in software.

Gateway Services

The Edge Gateway service interconnects your logical networks with your physical networks. This means a virtual machine connected to a logical network can send and receive traffic directly to your physical network through the gateway. Edge Gateway provides perimeter services.

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