VSI for VMware vSphere Web Client 7.2

VSI for VMware vSphere Web Client 7.2

Name: emc_solutions_integration_service_v72_x86_64_OVF10.ova
Size: 1 GB

This document provides installation and configuration instructions for the EMC™ Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) for VMware Web Client plug-in. It also includes information about managing, provisioning, and viewing storage arrays using the VSI plug-in.

This solution was designed for VMware administrators who manage shared NFS or VMFS storage through a web interface. After the storage administrator has planned and implemented the storage environment, the VMware administrator sets up the VMware virtual environment and loads EMC VSI for VMware vSphere Web Client. This software enables VMware administrators to provision and manage datastores, virtual machines, and RDMs on the supported EMC storage systems without the direct involvement of the storage administrator.

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