Windows Server 2019 Re-Released

Windows Server 2019


Windows Server 2019 Version 1809

Windows Server 2019 is a server operating system from Microsoft. The system is part of the Windows NT family. Microsoft announced options for the user during installation: Desktop (with GUI) and Server Core (for remote support). Key new features include deeper support for virtual machines, including Linux virtual machines,
Windows 10 interface (build 1809) and improved Windows Defender. Windows Server 2019 Standard / Datacenter with GUI Retail, Windows Server 2019 Essentials with GUI OEM.

An overview of some of the major features in the new Windows Server

Beta Kubernetes Container Support

In Windows Server 2019 Kuberentes is a powerful container system that allows applications to be run in a predictable fashion. There won’t be any errors when your application is packaged in a Kuberentes container and moved from environment to environment.

Support for this kind of technology is critical when cloud computing is becoming more if a must-have feature than a nice to have. Modern businesses rely on scalable cross-platform cloud computing. With Microsoft’s new focus on the “hybrid” (on location servers with cloud integration) server environment support for Docker/Kuberentes is a big win for Windows Server.

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