WinSyslog 14.0


Product Features

About WinSyslog…

Since 1996, WinSyslog is the professional’s choice when it comes to an enhanced syslog server for Windows. Being the first to offer syslog functionality on Windows, Adiscon has always been on top of the others. WinSyslog is extremely reliable, robust, easy to use
and reasonably priced.
It complies to all relevant standards including RFC 3164 and RFC 3195. Plus, it comes with Adiscon’s world-class support. Try the free, full-featured evaluation version and see yourself!

What can I do with WinSyslog?

  • receive messages from your firewalls and routers like PIX, NetGear or IPTables
  • troubleshoot network problems quickly and easily
  • comply with laws and company policies by storing log messages in files or databases
  • be alerted when critical conditions occur
  • create a central log repository in a heterogeneous environment
  • run the system unattended and reliable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

WinSyslog has a myriad of advanced features and use cases. To get a more detailled overview, the edition comparison is a good place to start. It tells you about the features and in which edition they are present. The trial version offers the broadest feature set (enterprise editon).

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