Zerto Virtual Replication 5.5





Replication & Disaster Recovery

Replication for disaster recovery is utilized by organizations of any size that have a virtualized environment because the impact of not being able to recover successfully and quickly from a disaster can be catastrophic. Different enterprise-class disaster recovery technologies have been available since the mass adoption of virtualization took place, but they were typically designed to protect physical servers using storage based replication and not Virtual Machines (VMs). This adds significant complexity because the replication is configured on a disk/LUN basis requiring matching storage and LUN configurations, there is no VM-level granularity, no integration into the virtualization platform and separate complex software for VM orchestration and automation is required which involves multiple skillsets, people and doesn’t fully align to the benefits of virtualization.



Zerto Virtual Replication is built from the ground-up to be the most simple, yet powerful disaster recovery solution for virtualized infrastructures by including all of the replication, recovery orchestration and automation in one simple software solution allowing users to recover one, all or a subset of virtualized applications from any storage to any storage allowing for full realization of the benefits of virtualization.

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