Automatic start of ESXI virtual machines after starting the server

All admins have probably experienced a power outage, and after the power comes on and the servers are turned on, they must turn on the expression of each virtual machine so that the services all return to the first state.
In this article, we will teach you how to make all virtual machines turn on automatically after power on.

Enter the ESXI web management environment , from the Manage section of the System tab , then enter the AutoStart section .

In the first step, you need to activate this AutoStrat feature, for this click on Edit .

In the window that opens , set it to Enabled and click Save .

At the bottom of the page, it displays the list of virtual machines available on the server, for each of the virtual machines you want to enable this feature, just select the desired virtual machine and select the Enable option from the top .

The order of turning on the virtual machines is based on the Autostart order column , here I have 2 virtual machines, the number 1 is assigned to the first virtual machine and the number 2 is assigned to the second virtual machine, that is, machine 1 will turn on first, then machine 2 will turn on became.
But if you want to change this priority, just select the virtual machine that you want to start earlier and select the start earlier option so that it has a higher priority.
The lower the number, the earlier it will be turned on.

To disable AutoStart for each virtual machine, after selecting the virtual machine, just select the Disable option.

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