How to backup and restore ESXI configurations

The backup file that we save includes the settings of virtual switches, vSwitch, Share Storage, Local User, License

In the first step, you need to  enable the SSH  service in  ESXI .  Log in to the ESXI web management page to enable SSH   .


 Click  on  Actions and  select Enable Secure Shell (SSH)  from  the Services menu to  enable the SSH service   on the  ESXI server.


 Run  the PuTTY software  ,  enter  the name or  IP address of the ESXI  server  in the Host Name box. And finally,   click on the Open option.

First, enter the following command to sync.

vim-cmd hostsvc/firmware/sync_config

Then we take a backup with the following command.

vim-cmd /hostsvc/firmware/backup_config

After the backup, it will provide you with a link to download the file, as I specified in the image, copy the address, but instead of the * character , you must enter the IP or the name of the ESXI server.

How to restore backup

Upload the config file that we got in advance to the data store and restore the file with the command below.
After vmfs, we have to give it the path of the file.
Finally, the host will be restarted.

vim-cmd /hostsvc/firmware/restore_config /vmfs/volumes/Datastore/

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